23 abril 2009

Lechera ,Codetel,Green,Pan de bono ,arepa de huevo,Aguilla

Wall Street ....Muy feliz de empezar mi día .Llegue una hora adelantada para poderme tomar un cafe a la orilla de Manhattan...Quisiera volar sobre todos estos edificios que esconden mi cielo ...Poder saludar al señor que arrastra su carreta y canta"Agua de Coco"(sonrío )..Quiero leer el Universal y escuchar a Caracol...ver a Uribe en la portada comentando sobre los insulto de Chavez ....Quiero escuchar el grito"GOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!"cuando camino las calles estrechas de Cartagena..Aqui no se respeta el fútbol. Aquí no se puede comprar 1,500 de azúcar y 500 de aceite.jejeje .Hoy estoy muy feliz de tener este momento a la orilla del mar y contemplar las cositas que mis amigos debieran apreciar en esa tierra donde todos son compadres y las mujeres bellas le dicen bizcocho .Donde los domingos son de tomarse una birra acompanada con sancocho...Donde siempre habran escusas para fiestas y la hora del almuerza le sigue su siesta...

15 abril 2009

Aliens r us

Do not base your believes on another mans theories...Live ...Experience...until you feel wise enough to follow your own instinct...We are perfect and equipped with everything to survive in this planet ....

12 abril 2009

..May all my karmic dues be paid in full as the Universe sees just in this lifetime..May my flesh grow older and weaker as my spirit grows stronger and wiser. May I not speak more than I have to and remain righteous in my actions...May I not judge a brother for his shortcoming but by the contents of his character ... may his path to redemption be short so he can rest in peace and find glory in another dimension. Let me sleep alone when my time has come to close...may my departure be as peacful as my birth... Deborah

11 abril 2009


This was my view every night before I packed my merchandise and was off to work....I lived in this hostal for about 4 months ...Gabriel lived in the room next to mine until we decided to share a room and our lfe for the time I would be living in Colombia. When I rose this morning I had my coffee a couple of glasses of water in the hopes my system can rid itself of the Jose Cuervo and the Coors light I put in it last night .....I'm feeling this great urge to get my life back. Time has been paused since I returned to New York and I am not happy living here anymore....I don't want to date anyone ....I don't feel passionate about my duties as an interpreter and it seems the only thing that motivates people here is money not for survival but sheer vanity and the accumulation of material wealth. I miss walking bare foot and dancing on warm Colombian pavement...I miss letting the rain fall over my head and not caring if I would drenched since the sun would dry my hair eventually...I miss eating the sweetest mango and watermelon as I strolled to the beach....I missed our daily picnics on that old Spaniard rooftop and smoking a joint right after with a cool glass of white wine .I miss sleeping nude and feeling a warm body cradle me through the night. I miss drawing senseless and writing while I listened to jHON and Steven practice tunes on their guitars or the Brazilian and Norwegian couple playing congas across from me. I miss those grey doors and that very modest way of living. I miss having less .......I don't want more of anything but to walk barefoot on that warm Colombian soil. Deborah