29 junio 2009

anhelo ser

fuente de tu fuente...una vez mas


I've been staring into my ceiling in deep thought....I don't have a happily ever after dream?!? My dream is to continue evolving until my bones give out and I exhale my last breath ..My biggest fear ? Feeling stale or bored with my life...not being able to love freely or laugh whole hearted .CRY .I don't ever want lose the ability to cry a good flow of tears because of bitterness or pride. ..I don't ever want to stop moving on...I don't ever want to be obsorbed by pride or bitterness..I GUESS I DO HAVE A FOR EVER DREAM after all. I love the feeling of standing on the edge and holding on t o dear life ..I want to never compromise my freedom to fly or be consumed by one road .Selfish I've been called by some others just know when it's time to say good-bye...I am in home base and I can see the roots my peers have set but I am not ready for roots ...I've seeds to spread until I find the perfect shade under the sky

27 junio 2009


Esperamos que caiga la noche para empezar nuestro dia...Entre escombros este techo marca momentos muy intimos . conversaciones , canciones improvisadas debajo de la luna costena .Besos de un amante y abrazos entre amigos..Unas cuantas borracheras seguidas por baile y risas..Gritos al viento , lagrimas de alivio y dolor .Un te quiero ,un te amo ...Este techo un buen amigo que guarda mil secretos de todos los que despojaron sus cargas sobre el.

nunca dejo

A veces te quiero ..A veces menos pero nunca dejo de esperarte

25 junio 2009


My mother said to me once ..Deborah be sure to enjoy your body . Don't be ashamed of your silouhette ..be graceful , elegant and sensual..
A bit of a prude at times and other times I couldn't understand her . I'm a grown woman now and I finally get it. A woman should take nude pictures of herself or even have an artist paint her a portrait of SELF....Every year we change and sometimes for the better ..Our bodies is the instrument used to treck through this lifetime ...Our temple since it's the home of our spirit...document it ! love it ! Self

24 junio 2009

beast in me

At times my peace is interrupted by insanity.... black and white and spurts of red...I close my shutters and wipe my lens

let me try again

23 junio 2009


is sexy elegant alluring .. catalyst to a raging mind .

I've little or nothing to say so I use images to replace my silence