29 junio 2009


I've been staring into my ceiling in deep thought....I don't have a happily ever after dream?!? My dream is to continue evolving until my bones give out and I exhale my last breath ..My biggest fear ? Feeling stale or bored with my life...not being able to love freely or laugh whole hearted .CRY .I don't ever want lose the ability to cry a good flow of tears because of bitterness or pride. ..I don't ever want to stop moving on...I don't ever want to be obsorbed by pride or bitterness..I GUESS I DO HAVE A FOR EVER DREAM after all. I love the feeling of standing on the edge and holding on t o dear life ..I want to never compromise my freedom to fly or be consumed by one road .Selfish I've been called by some others just know when it's time to say good-bye...I am in home base and I can see the roots my peers have set but I am not ready for roots ...I've seeds to spread until I find the perfect shade under the sky

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