25 junio 2009


My mother said to me once ..Deborah be sure to enjoy your body . Don't be ashamed of your silouhette ..be graceful , elegant and sensual..
A bit of a prude at times and other times I couldn't understand her . I'm a grown woman now and I finally get it. A woman should take nude pictures of herself or even have an artist paint her a portrait of SELF....Every year we change and sometimes for the better ..Our bodies is the instrument used to treck through this lifetime ...Our temple since it's the home of our spirit...document it ! love it ! Self

3 comentarios:

Quirón dijo...

I like your body, I like your temple.

May I kiss you?

Deborah dijo...

Thank you for the compliments.My kisses have been reserved by a rather adventerous foot..I offer you my friendship for the time being (carita feliz)..

gabrich dijo...

aprendé quirón!jaja