30 agosto 2009

deadmau5 - We Fail !!! Dance off whatever holds you down!!

Releasing rage !!!! We fail ... we need to get up and dance it off ...Dance off war ,ignorance, hatred, selfishness !! Dance off fear , negativity and flow or strut let's go!! Tomorrow we try again deadmaus deadmaus deadmaus makes this kitty kat dance

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SILVIA dijo...

Levantémonos y dancemos al son de la paz. Coreemos unidos las notas de la concordia. Alcemos nuestras voces en honor a la verdad.
Juntos, unidos, hermanos. Stop al odio, al miedo, a la injusticia. Bienvenidas las manos amigas, los besos y los abrazos.
Bello post querida amiga. Se te quiere y se te extraña amiga.
Mil besitos!!!

Sylvia dijo...

I did graffitti with my pupils at the old times in school. We made the Day of Peace come to reality, with art, music and conferences - and the best Angolan lunch ever. This video reminded me of that wonderful day. How I wish I could be still teaching Peace to the youngsters. (Welcome to immigration) Tears in my eyes.

Deborah dijo...

I am so happy to hear this Sylvia..Our generation is a rare breed...Sister (my heart)you don't need to weave yourself into the system in order to spread the word of peace and unity...My son doesn't blog but he reads your blog! You are still active in reaching out to our youngsters and that is one of the things I absolutely admire about you and your precious family..Please never tell me that one of my entries brings tears to your eyes because I will erase anything that could bring you sadness...Rejoice in our memories sis...I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Deborah dijo...

Silvia ..No mejor llego por esa via de escape que tanto me gusta leer!! Se te extrana pero se que tu amor no tiene condicion..A ver si nos pillamos en el msn para hablar de unas cositas(jiji)..Tienes un espiritu tan libre y bello amiga!!! SYLVIA Y VOS SON MIS FAVS!!Besos meoWWWW